"La Espera, patron de los casos perdidos (The Hope, patron saint of lost causes)"
7'x6'. canvas, embroidery, foling.

"El Problema/Solucion (the problem/solution)"
5'x6'. Embroidery, wax batik, MX dye on canvas,
Ak47, M16 and shotgun holes

"La Gente (the people)"
6'x6'. Pigment painted on canvas and machine embroidery.


"The War on Drugs" September 2011. 
Silkscreened/sewn hooded garment, cheesecloth and flocked flags of images from narcoblog.com and others.

"Tales of Grief"
3' x 4' x  5' approx. Wax batik, MX and Acid dye, silk, tarlatan, canvas and cotton. 

"Lil Farcita (Repeat)" 
42" x 90". Silkscreened MX dye on cotton. 2011

  lil farcita cotton patches

52" x 168". silkscreen with MX dye on cotton, applique. 2009

52" x 84".  MX dye on cotton, silkscreen and contact paper stencils. 2009

"Rat Race"
hand drawn stencil silkscreened with printing ink on jersey knit. 2010

"Inhale What You Need, Exhale What You Don't"
Arc welded steel, plaster, nylon, spraypaint.