"Queen of Hearts". 13" x 17". Plate Lithography. 2011
"Belong",  14' x 15". Stone Lithography. 2011
 "Franklin and Bruce Randolph". 10" x 16". Stone Lithography. 2011


26" x 40", Rives BFK paper on matt board. laser printed found photo of FARC soldiers. in progress 2011. 

"Lil Farcita"
8"x 15".  xacto knife, paper grocery bags, laser printed found photo, xerox and spray paint.

 "the difference between"
18"x 24". xacto knife, laser printed found photo of FARC soldiers, spraypaint.

 "The Equalizer Strategy"
30"x 24". xacto knife, laser printed found photo from Abu Ghraib, vintage playboys, spraypaint.


 "sawdust and diamonds"
10" x 21" x 64". xacto knife, painted paper and grocery bags, collage, spray paint, acrylic, pastel, ink, wax, yarn, sequins, sawdust and glue. 

"experiment = experience"
detail. paper mache, straws, oil paint, oil pastels, charcoal, yarn and paper cut out on canvas.

"Anatomical Miracle"
13" x 13" x 32". xacto knife, spray painted paper, tomato guard wire + hot glue.